Kumudinie, Ontario

These activities provided me with a very meaningful/objective opportunity to initiate a conversation with my teenagers (15 and 13 years old). We did the ‘Gratitude Visualization’ activity and we included it in our daily meditation. In my culture, meditation is a typical religious practice. After the activities, we even talked about how to see things positively though some we typically see as negative (e.g., too much homework😊). As a busy mom, I learned that making scheduled time for these kinds of conversations or activities would help me develop it as a habit. While doing these activities with my teens, we learned that reflecting on good things happening in the day would provide us the understanding of how they happened, so we could repeat those happenings. One of my daughters has told me that she feels that these activities help her a lot when she is stressed or sad or anxious. These evidenced-based activities provide parents with the knowledge and opportunity to initiate meaningful conversations with their teenagers, which could be a challenge to many parents, help you learn more about how your teenagers deal with stress, and help you help them build resiliency