Thrivelandia Help

General FAQs

Who created Thrivelandia?

Based on the research of Dr. Diana Brecher in the field of Positive Psychology, Thrivelania has been adapted from the well-known, Toronto Metropolitan University program, ThriveTMU, which helps post-secondary students develop abilities for thriving that will serve them throughout their lives. With the generous funding of Meridian Credit Union, Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada adapted the ThriveTMU program for a younger audience and Thrivelandia was born!

Is there a way to get in touch with the Thrivelandia Hosts and find out more about them?

Visit our Thrivelandia Crew page for more information on our hosts

Thrivelandia Activities FAQs

Do I have to complete all of the activities in one land to get to the next land in Thrivelandia?

YES. With each land you complete, you will add a new stamp to your passport. This passport will take you places.. stay tuned to find out where!

When I complete all the activities in one land, do I have to answer the True and False questions at the end of that land to move onto the next one?

YES. These answers will only take you a second and they will help us improve the overall content in all of Thrivelandia. You won’t be able to get your passport stamped until you answer these!

How many activities are in each land to do?

The number of activities range from 13-18, depending on the land that you are in.

Can I fast track through Thrivelandia activities if I don’t want to do just one activity a day?

When you first join Thrivelandia, be sure to select the “ACCELERATED” speed and this will deliver your content faster. After each land, you will have the option of changing your speed.

What does the LEVEL UP feature mean when I’m doing activities in Thrivelandia? 

Just like in all games, when you LEVEL UP, you are improving your experience. You will be collecting more SKILLS to add to your overall resilience skillset.

Do I get a prize for Leveling Up?

There is no actual prize for Leveling up but you will get to learn more from different crew members throughout your experience.

Is the downloadable PDF for each activity the same activity or a different one?

In most cases, the downloadable PDF is the same as the activity but it is for offline use. For instance, in the online activity, you are able to TYPE in the answers and save a file. But in the PDF, you would write in your answers. If the online activity is a game, then it is usually not available as a downloadable PDF.

Why might I want to download the PDF activity?

If you have issues on mobile with tapping in the fields or if you want to do the activity at a later time when you won’t have online access, then you may want to download the PDF activity. You also may want to send the activities to your friends or share them on social!

Is the Reflection section of each activity important for me to complete?

Yes. While what you choose to complete in the activities is optional, the more you do, the more you’ll get out of Thrivelandia. The reflections for each activity are a way to help you think about and apply what you learn in Thrivelandia to your real life.

Technical Issues and Accessibility FAQs

How have you made Thrivelandia accessible for all users?

The videos have a button on them for users to view the closed captioning (CC). Fonts are sized for accessability. Audio files are included for all of the instructions throughout Thrivelandia.

If I’m having technical issues signing up for Thrivelandia, or any other technical issues, who should I contact?

Please contact us with any technical issues or any other issues with Thrivelandia.