Karen Ashton, Grade 7 & 8 Teacher

Mental health, and promoting positive mental health is at the forefront of concerns in the education system. As teachers, we deal with this on a daily basis. The ThriveLandia program focuses on developing 5 pillars of resilience in students; mindfulness, optimism, gratitude, perseverance and self-compassion. There are 5 practical, ready to use lesson plans supported by slide presentations to guide lessons. I appreciate not having to do extra work to implement this program. There are also cross curricular extension ideas for areas that teachers can choose from if they feel an area of resilience needs more focus. The value of developing resilience in young people is tremendously important, especially in the shadow of Covid-19. When I looked further into this program, I discovered that there is also an interactive student platform for young people and support for parents which can be shared. Developing resilience is crucial to promoting strong minds in the students we teach, and I highly recommend this program from Strong Minds Strong Kids, Psychology Canada.